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is unimpeachably fabulous and this is what has particularly narked Cameron's political detractors.
MacShane may be appraised of what has been unimpeachably established as hard fact "Those responsible in Bahrain for the continuing repression, imprisonments, torture, and beatings up live in a culture of impunity .
For the prewar generation of American Jewish men (my grandfather among them), World War II was a transformational event, a chance to unimpeachably cement their American identities by fighting for their country.
Mr Brown's apology was unimpeachably sincere in its regret for Britain's history of supporting the migration of orphaned and destitute children to Australia.
No matter the consequences, at that moment he basked in the knowledge that he had done an unimpeachably good deed.
predictions about hybrid tribunals that proved unimpeachably accurate.
On the enduring critical question of whether Samson is regenerate, Reisner is agnostic, claiming unimpeachably that it remains open.
Worse yet, she spoke, and spoke clearly, in multiple forums and media, challenging the boys who had ruled the theological turf with her unimpeachably solid research.
Through the Reformation's oldest confession, Moravians validated their Protestant self-understanding that stood unimpeachably in unbroken connection to the discipline and character of the ancient church.
The problem of not being considered as unimpeachably black was common to African Americans light enough to pass.