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the habeas corpus act, the methods of obtaining this writ are so plainly pointed out and enforced, that, so long as this statute remains unimpeached, no subject of England can long be detained in prison, except in those cases in which the law requires and justifies such detainer.
Najib could be disgraced, cleared with his honor unimpeached or, perhaps worst, left with a cloud hanging over him, the allegations neither repudiated nor confirmed.
Amid the storm of doubly distilled venom with which they have assailed Gesner, his character and reputation stand unimpeached, and the only effect of their malignity has been to raise him, if possible, yet higher in the estimation of the people of New Brunswick.
If we let Bush get away unimpeached for all the offenses he has committed, then we send the signal that what he has done is OK.
miraculously remained both unprosecuted and unimpeached.
Mark Tushnet correctly notes that "[t]here's nothing in the Constitution that precludes the (effective) removal of an unimpeached President who has become ineffective at governing and who has lost almost all support within his party.
When, for example, we encounter the assertion that "[i]t would not be consistent with equity and good conscience to permit the bargain to remain unimpeached," (218) we have the impression that conscience is "out there"--removed from what any one person thinks is right.
47] Thus, a court "should give credence to the evidence favoring the nonmovant as well as that `evidence supporting the moving party that is uncontradicted and unimpeached, at least to the extent that that evidence comes from disinterested witnesses.
The Tax Court cannot substitute a business judgment contrary to the unimpeached and uncontradicted evidence presented by the taxpayer.
Jews who chose silence therefore passively collaborated in Israel's crimes, for their silence left Israel unchallenged and unimpeached.
While Scott hopes he rests peacefully and notes "in his private capacity he was a man of unimpeached worth virtue and honour," he nonetheless insists that "Tory as I am my heart only goes with King Charles in struggles and distresses for the fore part of his reign was a series of misconduct.
In this context, Hellenism would provide an unimpeached ideal of intellectual productivity, a medium or language through which liberal values of energy, diversity, and tolerance could receive noble expression.