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Zeljeznicar Sarajevo 0 Newcastle 1 Dyer 56 Newcastle won the second leg 4-0, August 15, 2002 OUTSIDE the Olympic Stadium in the strife-torn city lay 200 war graves, giving this Champions League qualifier a feel of unimportance on the scale of the big picture.
In a military obsessed with counting and cataloging the King's property at every step of the way, the uncertainty concerning which wireless sets, if any, accompanied the first contingent is indicative of their unimportance.
But the truly astounding revelation is the relative unimportance of asset allocation.
Due to unimportance of two final factors, only one factor was used in this research.
This finding can be interpreted as supporting Gravelle and Moessner's (2001) argument that the lack of FADs is responsible for the relative unimportance of Canadian news.
Considering the time of year, the relative unimportance of the competition and the fact that it was a midweek night, it was an attendance that must have left Ulster Council chiefs smiling.
Stigmatization of the inmate identification number can cause shame-based feelings of unimportance, devaluation and worthlessness.
Long Term Orientation includes things like the importance of persistence and perseverance, a sense of shame, believing in the long term (tradition) and the unimportance of the person.
The one sobering aspect of the game was the unimportance of Andy Carroll, of course I understand he is part of a squad, and the fact he is on the bench shows we have a strong squad, but we appear to be playing a brand of football that he will be unable to fit into and I cannot see how he is going to fit in unless we need to change the flow of the game.
As such, historians have sometimes claimed that the proclamation was of relative unimportance and demonstrated Lincoln's limited commitment to emancipation and equality for the freed people.
And I don't see that changing in the future because of Unimportance of the complete solution.
By starting from this ground zero emotion -- and the attendant feelings of unimportance, unworthiness and overwhelm -- Gough is able to enter the world of the addicted and depressed at their level and establish a reality from which they can then begin to accept some hope for improvement.