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A cold, unimposing warehouse on the outskirts of town is home to an old story - actually, 80,000 old stories, organized in mountainous piles of brown boxes that stretch high and wide.
Since September still feels like an unimposing pinprick on the horizon of my mind, my approach to preparing for this somewhat daunting challenge has been to start slowly.
Where once there were dark clouds, now there were shafts of golden sunlight, and for Synchronised there was a chance to outrun his unimposing stature.
A clean slate and an unimposing persona put me in the enviable position: I will probably never be denied entrance at any border crossing in the world.
It's an obvious draw for Civil War buffs, who could while away weeks taking in everything from battlefields to the curiously unimposing McLean House, where the bloodiest chapter in American history was brought to a close.
But its unimposing atmosphere allows almost any type to feel at home, as well as being a good weekend lunch spot for families.
13) Peppino's most prized work of taxidermy is an unimposing shrew ("topolino ragno") which is more beautiful because it is rare, like Valerio.
An unimposing entrance leads into a rather mean hall and staircase, with minimal decorative detail.
Long gone are the days of Norma Major lurking quietly in the background with a grey twinset and pearls, trying not to detract attention from her unimposing husband.
Maynard knew he had gained a lot of strength playing football and working out with weights, so when he was matched with a "scrawny and unimposing kid," he fully expected his first win.