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Uranus in your floaty, swirly bits means that you're going to lose weight by following an all-you-can-eat diet, get fit by taking lifts, be upgraded to business class on every flight on the back of your friendly Valleys accent, get your own TV show where top-notch chefs TRYto impress unimpressible you, win the Lottery without having ever put a pound on, and be happy, happy, happy with your lot.
Even a dourly unimpressible Scot is so overwhelmed by the country as to be convinced that there must be 'something favourable to ingenuity in the very air, or soil, or something else, belonging to this happily situated peninsula'.
Victor Low, The Unimpressible Race: A Century of Educational Struggle by the Chinese in San Francisco (San Francisco: East/West Publishing Co.
to remain, as it were, singly unimpressible to the magic influences of an art which is said to have such an especial stroke at soothing, elevating and refining the passions.
It is notable that some of my pathologically unimpressible colleagues on the northern circuit rate him highly.