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Such evidence of his rapid personal acceptance by the top members of the dynasty fuels the recurring mystery about Edward Wall and about why this apparently amiable, pliant, mannered, intelligent but otherwise uninfluential man could be so successful in ingratiating himself so quickly and thoroughly among those "great men" from whose collective power, with Sir William at their head, all important decisions in prewar Tryon County flowed.
That readers could tune them out seems puzzling; a possibility is that, given a conviction that advisors are pervasive and dominant, any showing that they were few and uninfluential would not count as discoursing about them.
Why the Pythagoreans should be so ill-treated, or deemed uninfluential, is not explained.
Behring has proved to be the perfectly unliked, unadmired, unconnected, uninfluential owner for whom the other NFL owners are willing to make an example.
Internationally, one can imagine two small, equally sovereign states: one a "holder of the balance" arbitrating great powers' contests; the other uninfluential and buffeted in the world economy.
Heretics were small in number and uninfluential in every Italian state including Venice.
However, the uninfluential supervisor is less likely to have such effects; it makes relatively little difference what technique of supervision he uses.
Van der Westhuizen was as uninfluential as he was because the Springbok scrummage was on the back foot and there wasn't a sniff for him round the fringes.
These features also appear to be uninfluential for the fusion enthalpy.