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About ComCon ComCon is opening minds to a radical rethinking of how communications can look when you combine open source hardware and software with the uninhibited creativity of the innovation community.
1 Imprisoned (6) 4 Small coin (6) 9 Playground thugs (7) 10 Fierce giants (5) 11 Country, capital Cairo (5) 12 Ancestry (7) 14 Sets down (4) 16 Scatter loosely (5) 18 Burdened (5) 21 Uninhibited, frank (4) 24 Generally (2,1,4) 26 Radio 5 presenter, - - - Campbell (5) 28 Unchallengeable belief (5) 29 pounds 5 note castle
Even the uninhibited models on the ramp couldn't make the proceedings sizzle.
At that time, researchers determined whether the children were inhibited or uninhibited using a number of tests.
FASHIONISTAS ARE flocking to the re-emergence of feathers, conveying a sense of wild, uninhibited freedom.
Quick to point out that a client's full utilization of the company's capabilities becomes increasingly uninhibited the more services it uses, Brodwin seems to be committed to the same mindset of growth in his new position of leadership that has helped the company expand from 40 people when he joined the firm in 1998 to roughly 220 today.
It is a pleasure to read a journalist uninhibited by the immaturity and bias that surrounds a large proportion of the Scottish media these days.
Beyond my English predilection for the picturesque, I believe that these little buildings remind us of the creative value of the immediate and the logical, the uninhibited and the upfront.
We Humanists, who seek to lead ethical lives without supernaturalism, are even more enamored of uninhibited free speech rights.
Maisie is reserved, dignified, thoughtful; Phryne is uninhibited, flamboyant, careful.
In a New York City that seems long, long ago, gay men had uninhibited sex in public places and bathhouses and ushered in the disco revolution.
Yet Farquhar's wit and uninhibited intellectual play stood out in the local season's opening fortnight, his take on dystopia a refreshing contrast to the parade of juiceless banalities reacting, belatedly, to Robert Smithson or, grimly, to current politics.