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The banana, by the mere fact of its brazen otherness, provokes both disgust and fascination; it is a token of uninhibitedness in a society on the brink of the Puritan revolution, an event that plays an important role in the novel.
Many of Camus's early writings, especially Noces and L'Ete, the exuberant, soulful essays he wrote a few years before L'Etranger, expressed his love for French Algeria's pied-noir, colon society, whose virility, physical uninhibitedness, camaraderie, and closeness to Nature he idolized.
Once again, her new work has the freshness, crafty intuition, and stylistic uninhibitedness of an upstart--seeming to suddenly come back into phase with a moment she set the tone for back when kids were buying her drawings on album covers and T-shirts.