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For the uninitiated, Uiscedwr is pronounced ish-ka-dooer - and it's Irish for water.
Well informed and knowledgeable she details background information to inform the uninitiated and to build suspense for those readers involved with both raising and racing horses.
When we rock, when Eidan Thorr manipulates those stiff chrome strings, when Lucian pounds the dog shit out of the thunder crushers, and when Strangees hammers that bass to the ears of the uninitiated, magic is made, magic is stirred--the lining of the clouds starts ripping us under and magic just happens.
This chapter is perhaps the most enlightening for the uninitiated reader.
The authors provide sufficient basic science background to bring the uninitiated up to speed on a variety of exotic and recently introduced microbes in engagingly titled chapters such as "The Birds that Fell from the Sky" (West Nile), "Corona of Death" (SARS), and "Something in the Water" (Cryptosporidium).
Those with experience further contribute by training the uninitiated and broadening the circle of citizen scientists.
These essays, some of which were previously published in The Ragged Edge or The Disability Rag, tell an intimate and compelling story, and serve as a primer on disability identity and disability rights for the uninitiated.
Furthermore, the application processes are typically long, paper-intensive, cumbersome and confusing for the uninitiated.
A heavy hip-hop tune that's not for the uninitiated.
For the uninitiated, the metal super-group feature the fusion of ex-Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland and Guns' guitar guru Slash.
What will happen to a generation of children who have never heard a tasteful song sung in tune or are uninitiated to likes of Roy Haynes?
Consequently, to uninitiated readers the article presented an alarming picture of endosulfan, a pesticide registered for use in over 70 countries for more than 40 years.