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A few fights were won uninspiringly yet the public, both in Belfast and Dublin, remained loyal, convinced be would recapture his former brilliance.
As for the big race of the day at the Curragh, rather uninspiringly I expect Cockney Rebel to win, but he may have to fight to see off Duke Of Marmalade this time around.
UNINSPIRINGLY named the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill, a new law is being proposed that would effectively abolish the most important functions of Parliament and democracy in Britain.
The uninspiringly titled Room 1 is home to the bar, a modest dancefloor and a small seating area, Room 2 is nothing more than an empty room with a DJ.
The Government re-shuffle, long-awaited and uninspiringly timid though it may be, still raises a number of questions.
Yet there is still a great deal of debate on how effective the uninspiringly titled `Information and Consultation of Employees Regulations 2004' will be in practice.
Currently riding high with their third album, the uninspiringly titled but brilliantly executed Three, the Sugababes - Keisha Buchanan, Mutya Buena and Heidi Range - have clocked up a
There is hardly a star among them, there is hardly a flicker of interest generated by their uninspiringly work-manlike side.
More than three years have passed since Diablo first appeared, and Blizzard has finally unleashedits sequel, uninspiringly named Diablo II.