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Further, we anticipated that the knowledge gained during the intervention would transfer to an uninstructed genre (personal narrative) using a different type of prompt.
demonstrated that despite an absence of effects of instruction on decision quality, rule-instruction, guided-discovery, and discovery groups had quicker decision times, following training, relative to an uninstructed control group.
These commenters also argue that the Commission needs to conduct a comprehensive reexamination of the entire proxy voting process, not just uninstructed broker voting in isolation.
the format was used during instruction); and (b) they encountered problems that they had not been taught to solve (the uninstructed problems), also written in a familiar format.
Allowing brokers to cast votes for uninstructed shares skews voting results and is akin to stuffing the ballot box for management as broker votes almost always are cast in favor of management's proposals and candidates for board seats," says a CII statement.
Uninstructed human responding: Sensitivity to ratio and interval contingencies.
put forth an unlikely alternative in the uninstructed, unkempt, socially marginalized Coptic hermit.
23) He acknowledges that separation of the past from the present can create a form of 'selective amnesia and artificial distance' that when combined can create a present that is 'unencumbered, unconstrained, and uninstructed by any active sense of how it came to be'.
No man writes exclusively from his own thoughts, unaided and uninstructed by the thoughts of others.
His ingenious social psychological experiments show that uninstructed five-year-olds distinguish inherited from acquired characteristics.