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If a key network device goes down, your management system will blindly and unintelligently tell you about each device that's down in sequence, so you can't tell what caused the problem in the first place.
We find it easier to believe that Shakespeare on reflection intelligently cut such elaborations than that he so unintelligently padded out a play already taxingly long.
I contend, however, that ethical critics tend to make explicit what nearly everyone else does either implicitly or in non-ethical terms, and that it is only reprehensible when it is done badly, that is, when it is done unintelligently or dishonestly or manipulatively.
It is clear enough that with a little creative, lateral thinking one can iterate this story indefinitely, each time introducing a new novelty to which the computer scientist's latest robot would remain curiously and unintelligently blind, while an ordinary human being would not.
W]e think it readily apparent that another objective (if not indeed the primary one) is to avoid needless economic dislocation produced by agency officials zealously but unintelligently pursuing their environmental objectives," Scalia wrote.
which Victorinus of course wrote at length elsewhere--to the Jews, and perhaps beyond the Jews to `Judaizing' Christians, as some, like Athenasius, not unintelligently supposed or alleged Arius to be.
One might especially wish that other novelists might so speak more often, though of course one knows that many of them have little critical ability and can speak, quite poorly and unintelligently, only about themselves.
At one point, Dorinda wonders, "Why should Nature move so unintelligently in the matter of instinct?
We function unintelligently when we are deaf to that feedback.
Now, in order for any person qua possessor of certain core traits to be able to modify her character in ways that her own flourishing requires, she must first become reflectively aware of the hierarchy of values associated with these traits; otherwise, she is likely to be unwittingly as well as unintelligently led by its edicts.