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UNINTELLIGIBLE. That which cannot be understood.
     2. When a law, a contract, or will, is unintelligible, it has no effect whatever. Vide Construction, and the authorities there referred to.

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Sound-mapping software developed by engineers at Cardiff University in Wales shows where conversations would be unintelligible if a room were busy.
You've got to strengthen those neck muscles to unintelligible your man," she continues.
It can be as unintelligible as my handwriting" - Prime Minister Gordon Brown.
Coming on stage to huge applause, the ex-Black Flag vocalist went through stories ranging from his recent and, in his own words, ill-advised visit to Pakistan to tasting coffee in the Lebanon, where the drink was so strong he was able to converse with a family in his own unique, unintelligible language.
He describes how this historical model worked in higher learning up to the middle of the nineteenth century, how it encountered dispute up to about 1970, and how it splintered into unintelligible bits thereafter.
That does not mean it is OK to allow idiosyncratic expression to become unintelligible.
Once, he made a barnstorming speech at a Labour conference which was unintelligible from start to finish, but delivered it in such a way that some how it enabled the then party leader, the late John Smith, to win a key vote on One Member One Vote.
And yet adolescents are typically characterized in the media as inadequate communicators, whose language practices adults bemoan as unintelligible and deleterious.
Even if someone were to break into the code, only a few unintelligible bits of data would be found, since only changed data segments are sent.
However, there are occasions when some of his utterances are totally unintelligible, which prompts me to ask, what did Horace say then?
After five studious readings, I still find much of it unintelligible.