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UNINTELLIGIBLE. That which cannot be understood.
     2. When a law, a contract, or will, is unintelligible, it has no effect whatever. Vide Construction, and the authorities there referred to.

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Fanny, however, is foreign to today's reader because she is "so unintelligibly moral," a phrase Austen actually applies to Sir Thomas Bertram as seen by Mr.
Vocal tics include grunting, barking, belching and speaking unintelligibly.
While some mutter unintelligibly about tactics, players and the latest equipment, most of it available from the on-site pro's shop, others look at it as an opportunity for a good time amid gales of laughter.
The next day he appears in the town as a mad visionary, speaking unintelligibly except for the names of Apollo and Asclepius.
That renders most of the music into an indistinguishable mash of speed guitar chords and unintelligibly shouted lyrics.
57) He then outlined an unintelligibly complicated scheme to help the Lothian Company repay him for his efforts, despite prior insistence that he would receive nothing.
If, however, unintelligibly and unimpressedly delivered, reading of even the noblest thoughts becomes a purely mechanical process.
Pet Partners[R] additionally requires that the animals pass temperament standards such as being tolerant of wheelchairs, canes, loud noises (yelling, whistles, and bells), and people who walk with clumsy movements or speak loudly and unintelligibly.
American audiences might have scoffed at the tightly honed marvels of "Edwardo the Magnifico," but not these children, who knew real talent when it babbled at them unintelligibly.
Not for selling's own sake (which would be unintelligibly absurd), nor for the satisfaction of desires (which would lack intelligible sense), but for some other reason, which is given through the natural law: He sells in order that through this exchange, he may promote certain basic goods, most significantly, the good of life.
They looked absolutely terrible: unwashed, unshaven, half-starved, grunting at each other unintelligibly.
On grounds of Descartes's extreme notion of God, the fundamental principles of nature and knowledge--including the principle of noncontradiction (96)--are brute facts resulting from an unintelligibly arbitrary decree.