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UNINTELLIGIBLE. That which cannot be understood.
     2. When a law, a contract, or will, is unintelligible, it has no effect whatever. Vide Construction, and the authorities there referred to.

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He whispered unintelligibly and complained as lovers will in secret conversation.
I went to my professor's office to ask for an extension, and began gibbering unintelligibly as I had the night before.
On Deathtripper, Hayes sings (or rather screams unintelligibly unless you're reading the words): I hold your hand in mine/The rest of you is scattered/ All over/ Your rib cage is open/ Like a great white's jaws/ Your legs/ Look so sexy out of context/ Out of context.
1 Calculate (7) 5 Keep under control (7) 16 Twice as many (7) 17 Aberdeenshire model (5,3) 18 Onlookers (9) 19 Slow (5) 20 Newt (3) 21 Tidal barrier (3,4) 22 Atone for (6) 23 Proof of purchase (7) 25 World's highest mountain (7) 26 River mammal (5) 27 Football pundit, - - - MacLeod (5) 29 Chattered unintelligibly (8) 31 Elderly lady?
29) This should reduce the number of unintelligibly splintered decisions that frustrate the bar, the lower courts, and even members of the Court itself.
So I remember being taken aback by the commitment of kids who could have been out enjoying their first experience of serious short-term memory loss, but had instead opted to spend the start of their weekend grunting unintelligibly without even a hint of booze.
That failing is even more crucial in the final act, where five of the principal characters (the sixth, Henry Kissinger, is on extended break in the loo) grapple unintelligibly with their inner demons.
Sky Sports News are already winding the rubber band on Jim White, and he'll be gibbering unintelligibly, while rotating like a wind-up Hippo toy you put in the kid's bath.
There he is at the rooftop balustrade, his coat open, proclaiming unintelligibly while the white coats urge him down.
Calamansi rolled his eyes and stomped off a couple of steps muttering unintelligibly.
Mary-Kate Olsen was less eloquent, saying simply that she was "excited to be surprised" while British indie band the Kooks rambled rather unintelligibly.
Understanding the text might be challenging (it certainly is for this newbie), especially given possible typos and the vagaries of Swedish-to-English translation, as in "This theme wish to put loci on how we can employ Baudrillard's thoughts on the real and the virtual so to more fully, or unintelligibly, understand our situatedness in technology based contexts.