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survey respondents and 64 percent of German respondents report that more security incidents are caused by unintentional mistakes than intentional and/or malicious acts.
For 2010, the most frequent causes of deaths from unintentional injury included motor vehicle crashes (33,687 people), poisoning (33,041), falls (26,009), suffocation (6,165), drowning (3,782), and fire (2,845).
Unintentional injuries are the major cause of morbidity and mortality in infants.
The show's host Adel Karam apologized on Twitter Wednesday for what he called the unintentional violation of the religious beliefs of Hariri, who wears a hijab.
The only argument was whether Jo Ann's unintentional act constitutes "provocation" within the meaning of the statute.
These recommendations came following recent reports regarding the unintentional ingestion of "single dose" laundry packets by children.
The first of its kind in Wales, it will cover Blaenau Gwent, Caerphilly, Newport, Monmouthshire and Torfaen and target unintentional injuries.
Around 16% of all disabilities and 9% of all deaths worldwide occur as a result of intentional and unintentional injuries.
Preschool-aged children in agricultural worksites are at high risk of fatal injuries, higher than from all other unintentional fatal injury among Canadian children in the same age group (14.
NIPC chairman Martin Heffernan claimed nine out of 10 unintentional injuries can be prevented.
EHP regrets the incorrect and unintentional inference in "Paving Paradise: The Peril of Impervious Surfaces" [Environ Health Perspect 113:A456-A462 (2005)] that coal tar pitch is used in the actual hot-mix asphalt used to pave roads.