unintentional mistake

See: oversight
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He is a good fella and he just made an unintentional mistake.
God is my witness that what happened is a completely unintentional mistake, and everyone knows very well Al Sharq's editorial policy and the character of those in its charge," Al Harmi, whose opinions were often ought on pan-Arab political shows, wrote.
We would like to apologize for this unintentional mistake and emphasise that General Allen had mentioned the names of 11 countries participating in these camps, and Brazil was not among them.
KARACHI -- The host of morning show "Utho Jago Pakistan", Dr Shaista Lodhi has apologized over the unintentional mistake in Wednesday's program that caused uproar in various sections of the society.
It appears on the document as SM-N7100 rather than GT-N7100 which either an unintentional mistake during encoding or a paper full of hoax.
Having cleared off last Tuesday's featuring of Bahiyya Hariri on an MTV show in a funny way, Murr offered deep apologies saying the airing of the show was a big and unintentional mistake which contradicted the network's sense of professionalism.
It is also better to check from more sources, particularly at remote areas," he added, noting that the unintentional mistake is forgiven.
It was an unintentional mistake not to let him overtake straight away, so I went to his garage after the race and said sorry," said Sucipto.
However, Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers, who was Williams' manager at the Liberty Stadium until he left in the summer, felt the issue had been blown out of proportion and was an unintentional mistake by the defender.
It was an unintentional mistake that was quickly recognised.
For most plans starting on or after September 23, insurance companies cannot take away coverage due to an unintentional mistake, like a technical error on an application.
In determining whether rescission would promote such compliance and administration, the Service will take into account all of the relevant facts and circumstances, including whether: (1) taxpayers have a history of complying with the tax laws; (2) the violation results from an unintentional mistake of fact; and (3) imposing the penalty would be against equity and good conscience.