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Others, propped against the cold, uninviting metal rods, Lounge around and eye the craftsmen supplying tea, Sweet and hot, way down on the ground.
4&5 Get the look Colin and Justin plump for comfort by transforming an uninviting bedroom into a cosy nest,with bursts of colour and stunning,textured fabrics.
With hardly a spare inch of un-inked skin on his entire body, pride of place was given to a two-headed eagle clutching a shield emblazoned across his chest which resembled the kind of signage that might hang outside a really rough, uninviting pub.
Behind the Scenes certainly has a main focus on London and the preparations and planning including those appallingly uninviting mascots as well as far more successful developments.
The text is lyrical and the illustrations add to the sense of wonder and beauty of a landscape that is harsh and uninviting to the western eye.
And, frankly, there's no comparison between Wright's gorgeous nature-inspired building, nestled in the trees next to Turtle Creek, and the cold, uninviting architecture of RemKoolhaas's "Borg ship" design of the Wyly Theatre.
The book's title may be rather laboured, and the cover image as uninviting as can be imagined (a woman with her back to the camera), but one can just about accept that this might be an intellectual jab in the ribs.
Gwyneth Hughes, who wrote the TV thriller 'Five days' and 'Miss Austen Regrets' has taken on the uninviting task of completing the tale due to broadcast on the English novelist's birthday next year.
Lubin, a thoughtful scholar whom I'd had the pleasure to briefly meet while myself an undergraduate at TAU, wrote Eldan Cohen a long letter, explaining that uninviting Ziffer is tantamount to censorship and that if Eldan Cohen was so inclined, she, too, would be invited to the panel where she could freely confront Ziffer.
It was dark, dull and uninviting and I didn't know what to do with it - it w a s n 't working.
Flat walls of glass and buildings higher than four stories are not only uninteresting (except perhaps for touristy gawks at skyscrapers) but cold and uninviting.
I think it's a case of there being quite a few deals ready to go," a syndicate banker said, noting that the uninviting environment in May and into June created a backlog of issues.