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More generally, the evidence implies that unionized firms, on average, provide a much better environment for tapping the benefits of employee participation programs than do nonunion firms; and, by the same token, nonunion firms generally provide a better environment for tapping the performance incentive effects of group-based pay than do unionized firms.
With some outspoken exceptions, those in unionized labs find unions far more benign.
One hundred and sixty-one staff persons employed within either a unionized residence (n= 64) or non-unionized residence (n= 97) completed a survey form.
That is the reason why enhanced unionized wages have an expansionary impact on output.
Due to unfair foreign competition and two severe recessions in the early 1980's, millions of jobs in such industries as steel, auto, textile, and rubber--industries that have historically provided well-paying, unionized jobs for large numbers of black workers--have been eliminated.
However, having been on the receiving end of conspicuously bad leadership during the final three years of my service, combined with my current civilian work in a unionized workplace, my perspective on military unionization has since changed.
Business manager of Local 1049 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, which negotiated the deal, Don Daley, said the new clause would be applicable to unionized employees appointed before 2015.
However, female disabled workers who are union members are not as fortunate as their male counterparts with less than 20 per cent earning salaries in the top quarter compared to more than 40 per cent of unionized disabled males earning salaries in the top quarter of the earnings range.
The Internal Solutions Group, made up of unionized and management workers, hopes to give a presentation to ONTC commissioners sometime soon to outline some of the service improvements that should be acted upon in their report submitted in November 2001.
This is even more important if you are a multifacility organization and one of your facilities is unionized.
even if it means severe reductions that would cut the number of its unionized employees in half.
THE CONNECTICUT DEPARTMENT of Health is investigating complaints that unionized nursing home employees sabotaged facilities and threatened residents prior to a one-day walkout staged March 20.