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Rather than dramatically reducing their time, most unionized workers interested in reducing their schedules would do so by only 10-20%.
Paraiso said that before the nurses unionized in April 1998, they were struggling with high workloads and the increased use of unlicensed assistants, a trend that she said undermined patient care.
Both union officials express a belief that investors will benefit from hiring unionized employees.
Under the agreement, the salaries of all unionized employees will be increased by 2.
By signing the agreement, Carolina Freight Carriers has taken a course different than Trucking Management Incorporated (TMI), an organization currently representing a group of 23 unionized less-than- truckload (LTL) motor carriers.
Republicans had objected not only to the government encouraging unionized labor but also to the notion of Clinton governing by executive orders.
Marie re-opened its veneer and sawmill operation last month after its unionized and salaried employees agreed to take pay cuts.
The plaintiffs are current and former Union Pacific employees who allege Union Pacific's decision to exclude prescription contraception coverage in its health plans for unionized employees is sex discrimination in violation of Title VII of the Federal Civil Rights Act of 1964.
As many as 25,000 Kaiser workers are not union members; the agreement affects only unionized Kaiser shops.
The chief management negotiator for unionized Less-than-Truckload (LTL) carriers today called the Teamster strike against the carriers "an act of irresponsible leadership that will destroy jobs, not protect them.
They are currently the only unionized Wal-Mart employees in North America.