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The latter, as we have seen, was denied him; but seven years after his death two of his fellow-managers assured the preservation of the plays whose unique importance he himself did not suspect by collecting them in the first folio edition of his complete dramatic works.
Almost was she pretty now, with the unique luminosity in her eyes that comes to a girl with her first suitor and a kitten with its first mouse.
At that time, before Rouletabille had given proof of his unique talent, Larsan was reputed as the most skilful unraveller of the most mysterious and complicated crimes.
It is laudable, what they think hard; what is indispensable and hard they call good; and what relieveth in the direst distress, the unique and hardest of all,--they extol as holy.
He gives the instance of learning a lesson by heart: when I know it by heart I am said to "remember" it, but this merely means that I have acquired certain habits; on the other hand, my recollection of (say) the second time I read the lesson while I was learning it is the recollection of a unique event, which occurred only once.
The sensation produced by Princess Myakaya's speeches was always unique, and the secret of the sensation she produced lay in the fact that though she spoke not always appropriately, as now, she said simple things with some sense in them.
They sat together at a small table, looking upon a scene which was probably unique in the history of the great restaurant.
Every one drank, and every one sat down again with a pleasant thrill of excitement at this unique scene.
Let nobody laugh at the unique anecdote here related.
To ensure optimal data security and integrity, every file is assigned a unique encryption key.
This policy update to the "Policy for Unique Identification (UID) of Tangible Items--New Equipment, Major Modifications, and Reprocurements of Equipment and Spares," dated July 29, 2003, will address clarifications including approval of specific Department of Defense (DoD) UID equivalents.
Because absolute immunity was available, the trustee was not required to consult an outside investment adviser under state law to meet fiduciary obligations; thus, such expenses were not unique to the trust at issue.