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Suppose that G is a uniquely monopolar-partitionable graph and (A, B) is the unique monopolar partition of G.
Through inspiration of imagination, beauty & contrast come together, exploding into each Uniquely Designed necklace.
Uniquely Greek is at 2915 Dave Ward Drive, Suite 9, and is open 10 a.
Additional information and the DoD Guide to Uniquely Identifying Items are at http://www.
Perhaps most intriguing is that this solution has been uniquely designed to work the way a business works - accommodating current processes and procedures rather than forcing businesses to change in order to use the software," said Pascarelli.
The full-duplex patented SoundClear[TM] Digital Signal Processing (DSP) chip uniquely allows users to talk and hear simultaneously (full duplex) when using Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones, computers for VoIP calls, or cordless telephones with headset jacks.
CoWare's consulting services team is uniquely positioned to provide the expertise needed to assist the world's most successful electronics companies adopt ESL design methodologies," said Naumann.
Army, we have a thorough understanding of its technology requirements, both domestically and abroad, and are uniquely positioned to support the Army's global needs," said Troy West, vice president, Dell federal business segment.
This 200-page report examines the industry evolving around uniquely customised handsets (UCHs) - phones which have both distinguished industrial design and a customised user interface - to target niche consumer segments.
ShoreTel's uniquely distributed architecture enables a very flexible and scalable voice system that can accommodate rapid growth and crisis-related traffic peaks.
LiveVox's Voice Portal integrates the application, network and transport layers on an IMS-based architecture in order to provide a hosted, uniquely tailored contact center solution.