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Therefore, we proposed the following hypothesis: Hypothesis 2: The meaning of money linked to the amount will moderate the effect of money concept on the need for uniqueness, and consumers primed with more money will have a stronger need for uniqueness than will those primed with less money.
In addition, gender differences related to body modifications, body appreciation, self-esteem, uniqueness, and reasons for body modification were considered.
This argument, contrary to what the article planned to show, is a reasonable justification for the uniqueness of the snowflakes.
Tian, Bearden, and Hunter (2001) introduced the Consumer's Need for Uniqueness (CNFU) measure, encompassing consumer counterconformity and avoidance of similarity.
That is the uniqueness of our existence in this world, a uniqueness which cannot come by a court's decision but by being in solidarity with those who suffer.
Van Huyssteen's thesis in this work is that a theological understanding of human uniqueness might inform and be informed by the discussion of human origins and uniqueness in paleoanthropology and that productive dialogue between the disciplines might take place in a dialogical space opened by evolutionary epistemology.
This volume brings together diverse Protestant theologians who nevertheless share a broad commitment to "the absolute uniqueness of Jesus Christ as the only Lord and Savior of humanity" (x).
The most responsible Christian theological perspective on human uniqueness requires a distinct move away from esoteric and overly abstract notions of human uniqueness and a return to embodied notions of humanness where our embodied imagination, sexuality, and moral awareness are directly linked to the fully embodied self-transcendence of believers who are in a relationship with God.
She attributes the stock's dramatic rise to its efficiency, uniqueness and its avoiding the high-tech industry before the crash some years ago.
Charlie comes out from under the thumb of his dominating father, and both Skylar and Charlie come to appreciate Marissa's uniqueness.
A spot-on accurate cross-section of insights into the uniqueness of not only individual life, but also the seemingly commonplace phenomena that affects it.
The commercial's five painting styles speak to the uniqueness of individuals and each's ability to see the world differently.