united front

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Nattawut said the United Front leadership will try to control the protesters and stage the rally peacefully.
For this united front to develop, the individual foundry and supplier members of the national associations will have to drive the effort.
Abuses committed by the Taliban against residents of Mazar-e-Sharif city "may provide motivation for reprisal actions by United Front forces against local Pashtun civilians, Taliban prisoners and others perceived to be associated with Taliban rule," the letter said.
The Revolutionary United Front, a rebel group, was trying early last year to conquer Freetown and the surrounding diamond fields.
Berton returned to Sierra Leone in September, after fleeing the country in January following his capture and release by the Revolutionary United Front (RUF).
Gujrals United Front Government on 28 November 1997, the 12th general election has been scheduled to be held in India- the sixth largest country of the world having a large area of 1266.
Adding to the difficulties was the relative concentration in ownership and the united front established by anthracite executives.
We need to form a united front to fight these nuclear projects because radiation does not respect any boundaries.
This book focuses on the anti-fascist United Front and Popular Front campaigns in Britain in the 1930s, which drew support from both the Communist and non-communist left.
By forming UTMED, HME dealers in Utah will have a united front and will be a positive force for change in the industry and for the people
China would take appropriate action in such a case, Zhu Weiqun, executive deputy head of the Chinese Communist Party's United Front Work Department, warned at a news conference, signaling potential retaliation against Washington.
SPORTS and social clubs in Marske put on a united front at the weekend in their fight to stay alive.

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