universal cure

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That is the way with you political writers, Ladislaw--crying up a measure as if it were a universal cure, and crying up men who are a part of the very disease that wants curing.
The second generation of direct-acting antivirals (DAAs) that are currently used to treat patients with HCV were approved in 2013 and have achieved an almost universal cure rate.
Presently SCD receives a significantly disproportionate amount of funding for research and treatment compared to many other comparable diseases, there is only one (1) FDA approved medication for treatment and there is no universal cure.
Melbourne, January 17 ( ANI ): A potentially deadly and virulent bug that attacks the gut may soon be treated with the most stomach-churning of remedies as researchers have found that transplanting human faeces into people with the superbug Clostridium difficile provides an almost universal cure for the condition - far outperforming traditional antibiotic treatment.
But while the highly risky technique used on the man known as the "Berlin Patient" would not work for most of the 33 million people with HIV worldwide, scientists say the research shows important progress toward a universal cure.
Iodine, he says, was the universal cure in the mill emergency kit.
The founder of Hamas, the Palestinian resistance group, is quoted as saying that Western (democratic) tradition and logic cannot be applied as a universal cure all.
There is no universal cure, and different people respond differently to therapy.
1895-1972), is one of the most reviled physicians of the 20th century, but from the 1930s through the 1950s he was celebrated, showered with awards, and featured on the covers of magazines, all for his single-minded advocacy of frontal lobotomy as an almost universal cure for a wide variety of mental illnesses.
He cautions against embracing FXR-targeting drugs as a universal cure for gallstones, pointing out that there are other genes associated with the disease.
Among the alchemists's asserted aims were the transmutation of base metals into gold, as well as the preparation of an elixir of longevity and a universal cure for illness.

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