universal principle

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I imagine," he said, "that no sort of activity is likely to be lasting if it is not founded on self-interest, that's a universal principle, a philosophical principle," he said, repeating the word "philosophical" with determination, as though wishing to show that he had as much right as any one else to talk of philosophy.
Afridi said Fata women would stand deprived if they were not provided reserved seats in Parliament 'which is a violation of the universal principle of natural justice'.
This runs afoul of the established universal principle of the international community for settling history issues, and above all, it was a political agreement that excludes victims themselves and citizens," he added.
He said: "Is the universal principle of religious freedom not applicable in the Conwy county?
If we have to have a universal principle, I favor; "we must produce more than we consume.
But after its main sponsor, Premier Brands, pulled out, the BAI has decided to fall in line with the guidelines which, according to the ministry, are based on the basic universal principle of good governance recommended by the International Olympic Committee ( IOC).
Confronted with repeated instances of a phenomenon, human reason arrives at a universal principle, and then goes on to use this universal principle in scientific argument.
The Universal Principle established by the Bill is that "throughout the entire banking and deposit taking system .
He taught the practice of the Golden Rule, the universal principle of wisdom and morality, loving our enemies, and turning the other cheek, says Kalman.
The engineering is mine, and the results are fine, but there is one element that has to be acknowledged as not mine but rather a universal principle of physics.
US President George Bush said he expects Afghanistan to "honour the universal principle of freedom.
This approach addresses the asymmetric-information problem, it elevates the non-discrimination idea to a universal principle, and it makes the global system consistent by extending to finance an analog of the "national treatment" principle that has been so effective in promoting free trade in goods.

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