universal remedy

See: panacea
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The first pretended to judge of the influence of the stars on human affairs, and to foretell events by their positions and aspects; the second aimed to transmute the baser metals into gold, and to find a universal remedy for diseases; while the third dealt with the discovery of secret or future events by preternatural means.
We curse the machine, kick it, and possibly turn it off and on again, the universal remedy.
makes specific gargle for Sore Throat, Quinsy, Catarrh, Spongy Gums, Foul Breath, cures offensive Ear Discharges, Leucorrhea, destroys Seat Worms, stops hair from falling, cures Baldness, and is the most universal remedy in the world.
Of course, these aren't a universal remedy, but it got me thinking: Could these steps, developed for conservation practices, be applied to interpretive planning?
X-WORD RD R OR O WO W -X-X Across 1 Fear of spiders (13) 8 Texture (11) 14 Reveal (4,2) 16 Visually impaired cyclist, - - - McGlynn (6) 17 Universal remedy (4-3) 18 Sandi - - -, Macduffborn singer (4) 19 Cash (5) 21 Cry out (7) 22 Blood-carrying tube (6) 23 Downwind (7) 24 Radio presenter, - - - Stark (3) 25 Mass of small bubbles (4) 26 Caroline - - -, former Glasvegas drummer (5) 27 Become established (4,4) 28 Workplace injury?
Republicans now deride ARRA as a flop, without acknowledging that the tax cut component, their universal remedy for economic distress, also failed to provide the hoped-for stimulus.
It is considered to be a universal remedy which could be present at home at all times.
Undoubtedly, universal remedy of the developing world lies in a vibrant and vigorous economy, which alone could address poverty alleviation and un-employment.
They will be joined by three of Northern Ireland's hottest young bands - General Fiasco, Fighting With Wire and Universal Remedy.
The cup of tea has always been portrayed as the universal remedy.
A spokesman for Bond Helicopters, who run the air ambulance, said : "Collision warning is a complex issue and the report does mention that it would not be a universal remedy for these sorts of incidents.
RTF (Rich Text Format), as presented to many users, is considered to be a so-called universal remedy against obtrusive macro-viruses and any other sort of malicious code.

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