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In the absence of background conditions, however, the argument will have to be remodeled and Tuckness brings a fresh perspective when showing that Locke's universalisation argument (holding that doctrinal establishment has to be opposed in one place so that it can be opposed in all places, differences notwithstanding) was the one Locke thought to be more persuasive.
In this war of devastation, two simultaneous processes of universalisation and differentiation are worth noting.
According to Mukesh Kumar, Project aims at tackling problems like fake enrolment, fudged dropout, retention numbers as well as universalisation of elementary education
It is an issue of utmost concern to the whole international community as it sets up a most regrettable precedent which undermines the efforts towards the universalisation of the NPT, the cornerstone of the global nuclear non-proliferation regime," the statement said.
The government is keen to advance universalisation and improve teledensity.
The meeting had a full agenda which centred on reviewing developments in the field of science and technology concerning the BWC; looking at the procedures and mechanisms that strengthen the provision of assistance and cooperation to States Parties particularly from developed to developing states and the progress with universalisation of the Convention.
The funds will go to promote universalisation of international non-proliferation and nuclear security instruments, to enhance protection of proliferation-sensitive materials and equipment as well as to strengthen detection of, and response to, illicit trafficking of nuclear and other radioactive materials, said the Council in a statement tonight after a meeting in Luxembourg.
Outlining his priorities, the MoS stressed the universalisation of education along with quality and relevance of what is taught to the students.
The Left Parties, who have accused the Congress-led UPA Government of bring insensitive to the concerns of the common man, have been demanding universalisation of the Public Distribution System and changes to the Food Security Bill.
With the growing awareness of how important broadband penetration can be for a countrys economic development, governments are looking at ways to promote Internet access through universalisation projects and regulatory reforms.
Two major interventions of Government of India, namely Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, for universalisation of elementary education and Saakshar Bharat, a Centrally Sponsored Scheme for the Adult population help to bring effective improvement in literacy.
She urged that after universalisation of primary education, it was time to work in the same direction for secondary education as well.