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5) The insistence on a universalization principle is an appealing one, but note that there are nontrivial questions regarding who and what to universalize across.
These processes include the familialization of care, the responsibilization of local communities for tackling social problems, the commercialization of services, and, within the public sector itself, the fiscalization of policy, the residualization and targeting of responses, the commodification of people via labour market programs, and the universalization of benefits and services.
In particular, they addressed international support to countries combating terrorism; universalization of the legal framework in the region and the world; specific mechanisms of counteractions by government agencies, possible ways to involve business circles and civil society into combating terrorism financing and money laundering.
4), Zniber noted that such universalization could only be achieved if all IAEA member countries commit to the NPT to secure its credibility and efficiency.
Headley finds that this universalization emerged in three stages.
States must do more toward achieving universalization of the AP--it is high time that all nuclear suppliers made the AP a condition for supply.
Again, though the idea of a harmonious, balanced, and interdisciplinary relationship between the sciences and humanities seems to exist as an ideal, the universalization of all academic disciplines, as with the universalization of humanity (a goal of colonialism and globalization), could ultimately lead to homogeneity rather than innovation.
A World Bank loan is for Universalization of Basic Education (No.
In Indian theories, the language and meaning are obtained through a correlated universalization of the primary models (sabda, pada and vakya) and primary categories (Bhava and the like), therefore the theories are assertive in nature.
The core of his conception--the universalization of protected childhood--seems to me inadequate to carry the narrative.
There, history's ending meant "the universalization of Western liberal democracy as the final form of human government.
I also point to some difficulties in MacCormick's accounts of deductive reasoning, universalization, and consequentialist reasoning in law.