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For such group, social imbalances of any order were regarded unchangeable realities that prevented universalization of rights.
These processes include the familialization of care, the responsibilization of local communities for tackling social problems, the commercialization of services, and, within the public sector itself, the fiscalization of policy, the residualization and targeting of responses, the commodification of people via labour market programs, and the universalization of benefits and services.
The efficient countries, Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay are considered leaders in the region because their early implemented policies on universalization of primary education.
Japan and some European countries will demand at the conference the universalization of additional protocols and measures to prevent the misuse of announcements that countries are withdrawing from the NPT.
1 billion in stimulus funding to hospitals and physicians in order to encourage the universalization of electronic medical records and other forms of automation, federal legislators last year gave healthcare leaders the choice of moving forward in some fashion, or being faced with significant financial penalties just a few years from now.
We might therefore say that the universalization of human rights implicitly presupposes their own deterritorialization, (3) that there is a certain dialectics (chiasmatic, again) "regulating"--in a rather paradoxical manner--the relations between fundamental rights and "their" primary territory:
We had reached, in the words of Francis Fukuyama, "the endpoint of mankind's ideological evolution and the universalization of Western liberal democracy as the final form of human government.
The landslide, transparent and high votes of the nation to their servant and elected president drew future's clear line and proved universalization of the (Islamic) Revolution (of Iran).
The universalization of this principle will place all States in an equal position of shared responsibility.
In particular, they addressed international support to countries combating terrorism; universalization of the legal framework in the region and the world; specific mechanisms of counteractions by government agencies, possible ways to involve business circles and civil society into combating terrorism financing and money laundering.
4), Zniber noted that such universalization could only be achieved if all IAEA member countries commit to the NPT to secure its credibility and efficiency.