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Its vertical portal strategy is to combine global and local content dedicated to the Latin world, and to universalize the Latin community.
He examines how the national narrative of Malay peoplehood took on racially excluding aspects that suppressed alternative narratives, including a cosmopolitan Malay-ness that, resurrected, may be a better answer to Malaysian racial dilemmas than may be found in attempts to universalize anti-racist practice.
Coverage includes developments in nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation; biological and chemical weapons, and efforts by the international community to strengthen and universalize the two instruments; conventional arms issues at the global level, including small arms and light weapons, prohibition or restriction of the use of certain weapons, anti-personnel mines, transparency measures, and export controls; developments in specific regions regarding nuclear-weapon-free-zones, confidence building, and conventional disarmament; the response of the international community to other related issues; and studies, education, and information resources.
Deftly and arrestingly the author universalizes from every particularity of his experience, summing things up: "Every love story is also the history of an illness.
Schools become the sites of displays of style, and what is consumed as "stylish" or "cool" universalizes African-American culture.
Yet the author herself occasionally universalizes, especially when she notes that "commonalities do exist" in the texts examined, a generalization that contradicts her own doctrine.
Cowan's movie is an object lesson in how a feature--length documentary can deepen understanding of an event, recounting it with an artistry that dignifies and universalizes the people involved.
But, when it is a case of describing a historical example in terms that form subsequent arguments and conclusions, a description that rationalizes and universalizes salient features of historical experience cannot be universal without restriction.
Transforming debatable studies into steadfast slogans - one in three will be victimized - universalizes the problem: All women are equally vulnerable.
Marx falsely universalizes the presumed talents of the few and gives us a distorted vision of humanity and political possibilities.
Please contact Sue Huss for more details and to schedule interviews around a service that universalizes push-to-talk and creates a new rich messaging service.
It's one of those rare and particular images that universalizes a subject, here the horror of war.