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In this universalized form Osiris' cult spread throughout Egypt, often joining with the cults of local fertility and underworld deities.
Over time we have progressively universalized the concept of "person" to include (among others) aliens, strangers, children, Blacks, jews, slaves, women, Indians, the deformed, fetuses.
He describes how colleges weaken education by giving students a sense of entitlement; how they make it easy for too many underprepared students to get accepted; what the costs of underprepared students are; how grade inflation undermines academic achievement; how students spend their time at college and how this affects retention rates; whether attending college improves job prospects; how federal grants and loans have universalized financial aid; and how public policy should change.
A good proportion of artists typically aim their work into the thick of things, but institutional gatekeepers try to manage the political dimension of art, blunting artists' partisanship into a universalized discourse of humanistic ideals and individualized expression.
Our scriptural and rabbinic hermeneutic is therefore irreducible, as well, to the modern/anti-modern dialectic between a wholly universalized Judaism that is supposed to be identical to some universalized Christianity and a wholly particularized Judaism that is supposed to be incommensurable with any elements of Christianity.
Both authoritative and literary texts used print to promote identification with a universalized ideal, limited by class and gender but discursively constructed as common to all reasonable people.
Balthasar interpreted them as a form of perichoresis or circumincession, an analogical participation by us in the "mutual indwelling" of the divine Persons of the Trinity through the Holy Spirit, who has universalized the personal missions of Peter, Paul, etc.
In the end, just as her photograph universalized the inhumanity of warfare, this short account of her life rises above its immediate subject matter.
His own defense of universalized concern goes roughly like this: belonging to a community is necessary in order to become a human person (p.
While they doubtless have a social aspect, it has been universalized beyond recognition; the images transcend their reference to postwar German misery even as they mediate it.