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Familiarity alone prevents our seeing how universally and largely the minds of our domestic animals have been modified by domestication.
At the Cape of Good Hope the same hospitality, and very nearly the same points of etiquette, are universally observed.
This animal is universally known by a very peculiar noise which it makes when beneath the ground.
I believe the third of these to be the only universally applicable criterion.
In their intrinsic nature, though they often differ from sensations by being more dim or vague or faint, yet they do not always or universally differ from sensations in any way that can be used for defining them.
We are committed to providing the best solutions to our customers by delivering media that are universally compatible across all major inkjet printer platforms and ink sets.
But while giving to the poor is universally accepted as a generally good idea, actually writing out a check every week or month challenges people of faith to put their money where their faith is.
The collective "we" has supplanted the individualistic "I," and all ideas not held universally are suspect.
It's impossible today to say whether these [mouse strains] will ever be universally applicable," but Tennant's group "is definitely going in the right direction," says Lawrence A.
Michael Klar foresees telematics fulfilling Buckminster Fuller's vision of a democratically shared, universally comprehensible model of global reconstruction.
The unique value proposition of Universal Records Management is its ability to universally apply records and retention management policies to content across the enterprise, regardless of its location," said Dan Ryan, chief operating officer for Stellent.
Kellogg Foundation celebrated the opening of two universally accessible play areas at the state's two most-visited Welcome Centers.