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Bbali bbali," hurry, was almost universally known amongst GIs, as was "yogi," here, and "chogi," there.
It is now universally known as the Montessori Method.
But, according to the Swede's Manchester United team-mate Juan Mata, it seems as though the man universally known by just his first name (right) is pretty much always "Being Zlatan".
Butch", as he was affectionately and universally known, was quintessentially Winton; he was born, educated, married, worked, elected and, sadly yesterday, he died there.
Addleton - universally known as 'Aggie' - was recently chosen as one of eleven inductees to Coventry Rugby's hall of fame, following his 27-year playing and coaching career at the club.
The journalist said: "One thing Roger is not universally known for is the fact he virtually invented the Magnum.
Skipper Whitwam - or Cobber as he is universally known - has been one of the best all-rounders in the League for a decade and more and is again leading by example.
It is the universally known and endlessly argued story of Judenstaat, the wonder of the postwar era, the Jewish state founded in 1948 on lands formerly known as Saxony, bordering Germany, Poland and Czechoslovakia .
On the Government side, what is almost universally known as "Project Fear" is in full swing.
Seely (a trusts and estates lawyer and an associate in the Boston law firm of Rackemann, Sawyer & Brewster), provides both the background and the history of a unique Boston institution: the men and women who serve as individual professional trustees, who control billions of dollars of assets, who have provided advice and counsel for generations of families, and who are universally known as 'Boston Trustees.
In May last year Morris suffered the wretched agony of losing his 30-year-old son Christopher, universally known as Tiffer, in a tragic accident.
Eric was the most decorated pilot of the Fleet Air Arm in which service he was universally known as Winkle on account of his diminutive stature.