universally known

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This animal is universally known by a very peculiar noise which it makes when beneath the ground.
OCTOBER, universally known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, was brought to light in a special way.
Not all Moody Blues' songs are universally known to casual fans but even unfamiliar numbers shine out as quality representations of the band's style.
Largely, except when occasionally diverted to a seaside car park, or a tin hut, proper choirs, proper musicians, universally known repertoire and the mouthing faithful surrounded by decent architecture.
James Noble, the former Scholes captain who is universally known as Keith and has started the season with 193 runs at 64.
Loz, as he was universally known, worked at the Newbold Revel prison service college at Stretton-under-Fosse and was on his way back from representing the HMPS national team in Manchester when he collapsed.
The digital EP contains a transcription of the Chinese song - "The Spring Festival Prelude", which is universally known as "the" New Year song amongst the Chinese community worldwide.
Pugin, who spearheaded the Gothic Revival, designed one of Britain's most iconic landmarks, Parliament's Elizabeth Tower now universally known as Big Ben.
Lula, as he is universally known, has always denied knowledge of the scheme.
Huge hits Mama Do The Hump and When I Was A Youngster are now almost universally known.
Villa confirmed last month that Petrov, universally known as Stan, was in remission in his fight against acute leukaemia.
Situated to the north of Backworth, Havelock Place, or 'C' Pit as it was universally known, was made up of two southwardly converging rows of terraced houses.