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In order to be succinct, we use the maximum spanning tree based fuzzy clustering algorithm to partition the universe of discourse into unequal intervals.
2] be two extension sets, in the universe of discourse U, such that they have no common end points, and [S.
Men show unconcern for song, part of the universe of discourse of women, as much as the women show unconcern for talk, the element of the universe of discourse of man.
It is observed in the experiment that prediction can improved by taking appropriate number of sub intervals of the universe of discourse.
I follow Payne and Huddleston (2002: 399) in defining a referential NP as one which refers to "some independently distinguishable entity, or set of entities" in the universe of discourse, where "independently distinguishable" means "distinguishable by properties other than those inherent in the meaning of the expression itself.
The semantics reduces to an assignment function that assigns a set, the universe of discourse, to the rectangle of a given diagram and subsets of it to the closed curves drawn inside the rectangle.
The issues of narratology are handled formalistically, which means that the world of fiction is kept separate from any other, in the spirit that 'possible worlds allow us to see the fictional world as a universe of discourse constructing its own world of referents' (p.
Here the square represents the universe of discourse.
Theirs, in short, was an enmity sharing the same "Victorian" universe of discourse, its roots traceable to the years of the late-nineteenth-century "Great Upheaval" (1885-86); the AABA strove simply to preserve and the AFL simply to dissolve the repressive law of strikes and boycotts formulated then.
In other words, what is really being assumed is that the values of x comprise the universe of discourse of [LM.
It would appear from the universe of discourse, especially in first volume, that both advocates and critics of Marx are implicitly accepting Samuelson's gibe that Marx was a minor post-Ricardian.
Let U be a universe of discourse, then a SVNS A in U is characterized by a truth-membership function [T.