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UNIVERSITY. The name given to certain societies or corporations which are seminaries of learning where youth are sent to finish their education. Among the civilians by this term is understood a corporation.

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In an effort to aid Certification candidates with their completion of the Standard I requirements, a list of colleges and universities that offers online courses, which may be helpful in this endeavor, has been compiled.
is a higher education consulting firm specializing in recruitment, retention and financial aid at colleges and universities.
The universities, meanwhile, have been suspicious of corporate motives, often believing that company researchers only have dollar signs in their eyes.
A persistent view holds that Renaissance universities were conservative homes of outmoded knowledge.
Once sneered at as ``diploma mills,'' for-profit colleges like DeVry University and the University of Phoenix are seeing enrollments rise along with their academic reputations as budget cuts divert students away from California's public universities.
The 1970s boom in black studies encouraged major presses at predominantly white universities to publish a wealth of course materials.
The link between universities and the dominant world economic systems no doubt is a particularly important reason for Western domination.
The discussion and suggestions in this article relate to faculty authors and their universities.
Louis don't have a whole lot in common-that is, until you look at their ledgers, Last year, both universities laid plans to lop off entire academic departments to help keep the rest of the ship afloat.
These incidents, all of which have actually occurred at universities in the United States, reflect some of the sticky copyright issues now befuddling university administrators, faculty, staff and students.
The University Private Equity Summit concept was sparked by an innovative business-education teaching strategy in which students, universities and private equity professionals collaborate to teach entrepreneurship by full participation in the venture capital process.
It's a natural progression for colleges and universities to begin offering graduate degrees in education online.

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