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Eternus, incorruptus, æquævus polo, Unusque et universus exemplar Dei.
1: senatus et equester ordo populusque Romanus universus (cf.
29: "porro David et universus Israhel ludebant coram Deo omni virtute in canticis et in citharis et lyris et tympanis et sistris et cymbalis .
Nam nostra nobis amicissima patria caelum est, non Florentina, non Tuscia, non Italia, non Europa, non totus denique terrarum orbis, non mundis hic universus inferior.
Three notions cover different aspects: mundus is the perceptible organised world, natura rerum is the extant world of separate phenomena and universus rerum is the totality of things.
shall Player-like, be stript out of those silken Trappings: he plaid a brave roans part on the Theatre of this world, but he has his Exit, and I [Time] am in the Tyring-house and will dis-robe him; he shall know, Mundus Universus exercet Histrionem; Earth is but a stage, the life an Enterlude, the people Actors; onely I am left to empty the Stage with my Epilogue, but none of these for my paines will give mee a Plaudite (17)
Hibiscus had too much speed for Universus in the closing stages of the Group 3 Furstenberg-Rennen and won by a length and a half.
In "Musica universalis, universus musicalis" Sabaino notes the tension between the ideological premises and the method of empirical observation and treatment pervading the mid-seventeenth-century encyclopedic tract "Musica" of Juan Caramuel Lobkowit.
Earliest references to an ordo monasticus at Citeaux or to universus ordo Cisterciensis appear in papal bulls of Alexander III from 1163, Recueil de Clairvaux, nos.
Hibiscus, Universus, Bedford Forrest and Ituango-respectively sixth, seventh, eighth and 11th behind Belenus in the Deutsches Derby-clash in the Group 3 Fursten- berg-Rennen.
42-44, ALBERTI: "Quapropter ex his sic universus locus regere, sin stulti erunt, qui praesint, aut ipse illorum vicem obire aut eos meliores reddere tentaturum; quodsi neque ipse admittetur neque illi meliores fieri patientur, rediturum ad se aliaque ratione hominibus profuturum.
Universus, who is in the field again, made a lot of the running that day before finishing fifth, beaten six lengths, and offers a line to the German form.