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We need a law that no former president shall have anything named after him until he's been dead for 100 years and history has had a chance to prove his worth with an unjaundiced eye.
They're supposed to be looking back through unjaundiced eyes.
The interest is coming mostly from young people in their 20s and 30s with unjaundiced views," he said.
There are a number of excellent news outlets for those who want unjaundiced reporting.
Ximena de dos caminos is a poignant, thought-provoking novel that offers a refreshingly unjaundiced look at both an individual and a society in transition.
It is their natural innocence that believes, not what adults have told them, but the evidence of their pure and unjaundiced eyes.
Wilkoff's column, I am a practitioner-turned-teacher who expends a good deal of effort impressing upon our residents the importance of good, conscientious clinical evaluation ("The Unjaundiced Eye," Letters From Maine, November 2006, p.
Fruitfully working in a close collaboration that began before Watts' ascent to stardom, and with Coffey initially shooting on a one-chip digital camera with no crew, the pair projects a lightly sardonic but unjaundiced view of Hollywood craziness and the fragmented, inauthentic lifestyle it foments.