unjust action

See: injustice
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The protestors were chanting slogans against the unjust action and strongly demanded the registration of their vehicles as Landi Kotal was also part of the country.
ISLAMABAD -- PML-N Deputy Secretary General and Federal Minister for Planning and Development Ahsan Iqbal on Wednesday said everybody was equal before law and assured no unfair and unjust action will be taken against Pervez Musharraf.
This act, spread on electronic social media, "is a great shock and grave unjust action where the turtle is killed in an inhuman way with no sense of responsibility whatsoever," stated Mohammad Al-Enezi, EPA's deputy director general, in remarks to KUNA.
It is unjust action, which shall be historically registered as becoming a political tool to eradicate some candidates for the benefit of their opposition", he added.
While Bob can perform an unjust action, it cannot be unjust if Bob was born with cerebral palsy, a state of affairs that no one culpably acted to bring into existence.
7) This is not to deny that an unjust combatant can properly resist unjust action perpetrated by an enemy in the course of a just war (for example, war crimes committed by the just party).
Jones continued, 'The unjust action the FAW have taken against us threatens us with relegation and puts our place in next season's Premier Cup very much in jeopardy.
This unjust action was protested by prominent persons such as Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry Clay, but to no avail.
Zimbabwe is a shambles and this unjust action will make it worse.
Sister Barbara has been an outspoken advocate of change for these courageous workers and their patients, and this kind of illegal and unjust action, unfortunately, is par for the course with Corizon.
This unjust action would be a heavy burden on the masses who are already suffering from the evils of loadshedding and overall mismanagement of the energy crises by the government.
We do not believe [China is] cooperating with [the US] in any kind of unjust action [against Iran]," the ministry said.