unjust decision

See: inequity
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The funds that the Malaysian safety organisation have donatedduring the past year has been entirely spent on the implementation of relief and educational projects before the unjust decision by the Israeli government to call the organisation illegal.
Your unjust decision is [meant] to starve our children," read one banner at the protest, which was held outside the Sidon office of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East.
They said that they would not register mutations of land property in revenue offices as a protest to show their reservations about the said unjust decision.
Alternet reported on the center urging all national and international legal, human rights and health organizations to force the occupation to revoke this arbitrary and unjust decision, states the HWC, which declares this latest decision is part of the wider Israeli campaign targeting Palestinian residents of Jerusalem.
The exuberant new presidential palace could be such a tipping point because it is widely seen as a wrong and unjust decision.
This unjust decision of RCB has sent a wave of shock and dismay among the employees.
It is time for the Government to reconsider and let those affected by this unjust decision receive their pensions at 62.
The players were out there close to the action and they believed it was an unjust decision.
Knox said in a statement from Seattle that she was "frightened and saddened" by the unjust decision, which was the result of an overzealous prosecution and narrow-minded probe, Fox News reported.
It was an unfair and unjust decision and if Carl does decide to box on, his next fight should be a rematch against me.
Spokesman for Ms Levett, Terence Fane-Saunders, Chairman of PR consultancy Chelgate said: "This was an appalling and unjust decision by the panel.
The disparity of treatment inherent in Mr Drakeford's unfair and unjust decision - to the detriment of the people of Llanelli - is astonishing.