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The Japanese government must immediately stop making such unjustifiable claims to Dokdo, which is clearly an integral part of the ROK territory historically, geographically and under international law, and demonstrate attitude as a responsible country that humbly and squarely faces history.
Economic secretary to the Treasury Harriett Baldwin commented "It is only fair that people who have worked hard and saved their entire lives are able to access their pensions flexibly, without facing any unjustifiable barriers.
The settlements have been unequivocally condemned by the majority of candidates polled as illegal and unjustifiable.
It is unjustifiable, and demands accountability and justice.
Bahrain emphasized that all forms and shapes of terrorism are one of the gravest threats to international peace and security and that all acts of terrorism are considered unjustifiable criminal acts regardless of their motives or perpetrators.
Most importantly, government believes that unjustifiable price hikes should not be passed on to the people.
Under anti-discrimination legislation your employer cannot discriminate against you because of your carers' responsibilities and your employer should approve your Flexible Working Practice, unless they can demonstrate it would cause them unjustifiable hardship to do so.
Yun made the remarks two days after South Korea lodged a strong protest with Japan over Tokyo's approval of high school textbooks that South Korea says "still contain Japan's unjustifiable claims to Dokdo," a pair of islets in the Sea of Japan known as Takeshima in Japanese.
Far more public money - by several orders of magnitude - is spent on morally unjustifiable nuclear weapons arsenal and on the parasitic Royal Family.
IAMemailing you as I wanted to raise awareness of the unjustifiable car park charge I received on May 19 at Aintree retail park from UKPC.
The source added that any acts of terrorism are criminal and unjustifiable, regardless of their motivation.
Instead of asking for restrictions on the cotton and cotton yarn exports, the Aptma Chairman Mohsin Aziz said the value-added cotton product manufacturers should put their house in order and they needed to revisit their strategy, desisting from making unjustifiable demands.