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In May, the California Department of Managed Health Care said Aetna demonstrated a pattern of unjustified rate hikes.
He also stressed that port workers' rights had been secured and their concerns were more or less unjustified.
Karzai's remarks are unjustified, insulting and unacceptable for the people of Afghanistan," the former foreign minister said.
Currently reinstatement is still the primary remedy at law for any employee who has successfully brought a claim of unjustified dismissal.
I AM myself a private hire driver and think the personal attack on Ron Graves and private hire drivers is totally unjustified.
After a 38-year wait, Cahil McElhinney, from Erdington, told the Birmingham Mail he was thrilled to read the l report from the Saville Inquiry which found the actions of British soldiers 'both unjustified and unjustifiable'.
It is the wrong time, it is unjustified, it is deplorable, we shouldn't have a strike.
thanks to his own force's incompetence" published on June 30, 2008, we suggested that DC Place was guilty of conducting an unjustified campaign of harassment against his neighbours, the Hinshelwoods involving a number of different actions by him.
The economy minister of Spain, Pedro Solbes, said that the Venezuelan government's decision to nationalise Banco de Venezuela was unjustified.
CAIRO: Whether iteIUs due to an upsurge in demand or a general strike by truck drivers, current cement price hikes on the domestic market are unjustified, said industry insiders.
A Los Angeles federal jury in November 2005 awarded the damages to Robert Mitchell's family, who had filed a federal civil-rights lawsuit against Los Angeles County, claiming the shooting was unjustified.
The Air Transport Association, in a filing, said the rule is unjustified and should not be finalized.