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Do not unkindly withhold this dear, this soft, this gentle hand--one moment, perhaps, tears you for ever from me--nothing less than this cruel occasion could, I believe, have ever conquered the respect and awe with which you have inspired me.
I did not think they felt so very unkindly toward me," he said bitterly.
whose name appeared in some of the most fashionable parties in the Morning Post, perhaps the school authorities were disposed not to look unkindly on the child.
Don't say you mean so coldly or unkindly, Eddy, please, if you can help it.
not unkindly meant, but deeply felt) of her youth and little figure, what humble consciousness of her own babyhood and want of strength, even in the matter of lifting and carrying; through how much weariness and hopelessness, and how many secret tears; she drudged on, until recognised as useful, even indispensable.
Pickwick easily perceived that his recklessness was assumed, and looking him full, but not unkindly, in the face, saw that his eyes were moist with tears.
Name: Abby Age: 6 Personality: Abby has spent the last few years scraping a living on a farm among a feral community who would not accept her, and she was treated unkindly by the farmer.
So he unkindly describes the pious antismoking campaign as "disgracefully dishonest, thoroughly fraudulent and scientifically unsustainable".
Jemima can t get her own man, that s why she doesn t want Imran s marriage to succeed," alleges the cousin, unkindly.
In equalling a feat only achieved by Linford Christie, Sally Gunnell, Daley Thompson and Jonathan Edwards, he once and for all removed the 'fifth Beatle' tag unkindly stuck on him by those who consider him the forgotten champion of London 2012.
The fact he was playing for a club with a very strong fan base, not only in England but in other parts of the world, and unfortunately for him, I suppose, the fans locally at Liverpool took unkindly to the fact that he made it clear he wanted to move," said Hodgson.
After completing a long list of other friends (one of whom he doesn't like because he is teased unkindly by him), a passage of time is indicated by the evening Packman moon shadowed in blue.