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strange asymmetries in property theory, and unknots some takings law
Determining at a glance or two whether a given tangled loop is a knot or an unknot can be as difficult for mathematicians as it is for spectators of a masterly magician's knotty prestidigitations.
In Yoruba, the immediate source of Gates's theory, interpretation can be expressed "either as itumo ('to untie or unknot knowledge') or as iyipada ('to turn around' or 'to translate').
Rather, it will give us time to unknot our shoulders, translate Y La Recherche Du Temps Perdu into Welsh, plant a tree at the top of a hill, eat a meal without risking indigestion and fall into many nights of luxuriant and righteous sleep.
We weave, unweave, knot, unknot the tangled webs of time that drift around us.
If you answer "yes" to any of these you will benefit from exercises which stretch you and unknot key muscles, while helping to improve your posture.
After an hour of full-body massage, St Becky managed to de-stress and unknot parts of my body that I feared had perished at the Munrow sports centre.
There is little about the law (any of it) that is "crystal clear and simple", which is why we have lawyers to unknot it for us.
Undeterred by the fact that the greatest philosophers since the dawn of time have failed to fathom its depths, the doughty steering group members accept that, yes, there are differing interpretations of fairness, and they will nobly try to unknot what these might mean for the admissions system.