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Chris looked at her coolly, as if somewhere along the climb of their marriage, he'd made a mistake, left a piton out or a rope unknotted.
I was having the hour-long all-over Pinks Boutique Organic Massage, which uses anti-oxidants, herbs and everything else natural in its oils to make your skin feel fantastic and your knots well and truly unknotted.
My shoulders unknotted as I spoke to Kirsty at the Vermont Hotel.
Push the unknotted ends of the braid through one hole, then the other.
Several reasons have been mooted for what is possibly the most happy of all Royal unions to remain unknotted.
The luxurious Elemis treatments, based on Eastern techniques, have healing qualities, so you feel relaxed and unknotted for days afterwards.
Knot theorists have long sought practical procedures for distinguishing knotted curves from unknotted ones.
into a neon noon: I laugh at his blue suit, gold braid and trombone tie which is really two snake balloons unknotted and expiring rogue notes on a river- boat.
Remember the undressing, how I slipped off your Nikes, peeled each slick of cotton, then unknotted the sweatband and dipped that tatter into the icy water, sponge pressed between your breasts, your legs, the tenderness between us before the sex turned sour?