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This is not only because borders have been closed for 14 years, but also because the accumulated sensitivities have gone too far and may become a complicated knot that may demand years before it could be unknotted.
Sew the unknotted ends to top edges of sides with zigzag stitch or by hand, making sure to sew back and forth a few times for strength.
People often refer to my paintings and sculptures as intestinal-looking, though this could be understood as the "guts of a painting" unknotted.
Emerald scarf marbled with turquoise waves, miniatures of those I swam among after I unknotted it from my hips, dropped weightless yards that covered me from hotel to beach.
His socks are white, as are his gloves and his shirt, which seems to have an unknotted bowtie hanging from a collar that won't lie flat.
When an elderly woman is murdered in a manner that provides a link to a series of area robberies, the victim's different sort of complex family ties must be unknotted.
Upon singing the last words of the piece, which refer to growing old, the unknotted balloon is released and makes distasteful noises.
In his Diaries, the cummerbund may be loosened and the ascot unknotted, but Musil remains throughout in "formal dress.
There were too many strings left unknotted for Doug to stay away from the er room and Hathaway forever.
2] is identical up to homeomorphism to that obtained by attaching an unknotted cylindrical handle to X at [D.
These steel spiral springs are interconnected with one another in an unknotted coil system, which ensures minimum bumpiness/jolt wheal the person sleeping on it moves.