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Second, the unknowability of transcendence dominates Dickinson's experiences and interpretations not only of the interior but also of the external world.
The Cacos' unknowability is poignantly illustrated in two photos that H.
Unknowability, then, seems to be the final destination of the study of eroticism through violence that Dennis Cooper undertakes in his poetics.
Most notably perhaps, they have figured in skeptical arguments for the fundamental unknowability of other persons' color experiences.
This format also affirmed renaissance meteorology as a subject about which little conclusive knowledge could be formed, whether by scholars interested in Aristotle, antiquarianism, or geology, and the unknowability of God's purpose.
Somehow, that back invokes all of the power and unknowability of the deity.
Similarly, the apophatic tradition takes recognition of the ultimate unknowability of God as its basic insight.
As a side note, I wish that Jaffa had expanded his discussion of the unknowability of the Biblical God to the New Testament.
Despite the intense "there-ness" of this most acute of listeners, one bears away the piercing impression of an ultimate unknowability, even perhaps of himself.
More specifically, he considers such topics as the notion of weak messianic power in On the Concept of History; redemption and rejuvenation of the past; Franz Kafka, the unknowability of the divine, and the decline of experience; The Origin of German Tragic Drama and the empty world of the baroque; and his iconography.
Chris doesn't want to flatten it--he would rather have depth and unknowability, and perhaps conflict or contradiction.
In its simultaneous unknowability and ubiquity, climate change is something (or some thing) we have been describing in the annals of critical theory all along: an aporia, the Lacanian "real," the postmodern unrepresentable, and so on.