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what is totally unknowable until the future reveals it?
And there is a subtle mysterious unknowable woman in the other
Accordingly, their argument that Australia was transformed from the knowable to the unknowable in the 1960s is an over-simplification of a complex and diverse history.
But two new biographies remind me that even the most famous personalities remain elusive and, in some ways, unknowable.
The book is, after all, itself a katzenjammer: the aftermath of prior, frequently unknowable events.
The laconic, unknowable Zen is dragged into murky waters by a government official after the killing of an influential fixer and his two prostitute companions.
I call the unknown, and in my opinion unknowable, first cause God.
That turned out to be an unknowable unknown, but McLean surely didn't know that when she asked the question.
It is certainly a story full of mystery, unusual happenings and the threat of unknowable dangers that could be awaiting them.
difference-- Unknowable presences, enemies of description, they wait and
Levi Johnston stands before this court as a 19-year-old with good hopeful for an entertainment career but the chances of increased income are as unknowable as it would be for any young person working his way into the entertainment industry: not particularly good," TMZ quoted the legal document as saying.
A Lifetime Burning" is like a bouquet that is meant to be savored whole and in parts; its sweet fragrances perfume the dissolving memories as they rise to an unknowable destination.