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Previous studies of consumers' perceptions of health IT studies have generally shown the public to be relatively unknowledgeable of health IT, but they have also yielded contradictory results.
Such situations included working with unknowledgeable property owners or managers, poorly trained and rushed pest control personnel, physically challenged and mentally challenged people, as well as lackadaisical and emotionally charged residents, to name a few.
In addition to the social workers' being unknowledgeable, the parents reported that social workers did not inquire or probe enough to be helpful to the parents.
I call it that because I am so unknowledgeable about technology that I'm usually terrified when I'm in there," he laughs.
2%; adding the uninterested and the unknowledgeable we get a surprising 75.
Non-residential fathers often seemed to lack power in decision-making, such as not having custody rights, lacking confidence in independent decision-making, or unknowledgeable of healthcare details about their child.
61% Perform the Transaction Agent Was Unknowledgeable 1.
Some unknowledgeable people and politicians are trying to create hindrances in work of Judiciary, he said.
On closer inspection the errors associated with engaging cheap, unknowledgeable manual labour can be both significant and costly.
Removing unknowledgeable, inexpert, or ineffective directors needs to be addressed decisively by board nominating committees, whose fiduciary duties to shareholders should dominate their loyalty to board colleagues.
Peretz' insistence came in response to accusations by the Israeli Winograd Commission that he was unknowledgeable and inexperienced, due in part to the fact that creative ways for fighting Hezbollah had included ineffective ground invasions involving 30,000 Israeli troops.