unknown person

See: stranger
References in classic literature ?
He doubted the gentleman who had abstained from giving his name; he even distrusted the other unknown person who had written to Emily.
Partridge having now lost his wife, his school, and his annuity, and the unknown person having now discontinued the last-mentioned charity, resolved to change the scene, and left the country, where he was in danger of starving, with the universal compassion of all his neighbours.
An unknown person had been with him that morning, and made an appointment with him in the Rue Saint-Jacques; unfortunately, the general's valet, who was dressing his hair at the moment when the stranger entered, heard the street mentioned, but did not catch the number.
This Marchioness,' said Mr Swiveller, folding his arms, 'is a very extraordinary person--surrounded by mysteries, ignorant of the taste of beer, unacquainted with her own name (which is less remarkable), and taking a limited view of society through the keyholes of doors--can these things be her destiny, or has some unknown person started an opposition to the decrees of fate?
But no; you see I was an unknown person, among a cruelly oppressed and suspicious people, a people always accustomed to having advantage taken of their helplessness, and never expecting just or kind treat- ment from any but their own families and very closest intimates.
Alone, at the top of the house, an unknown person approaching nearer and nearer--how could she escape?
If the unknown person who has pledged the Moonstone can redeem it in a year, the jewel will be in that person's possession again at the end of June, 'forty-nine.
Sometimes, too, he would talk all night with some unknown person, in dim, mysterious language that caused his gasping voice to echo hoarsely through the narrow room as through a sepulchre; and at such times, I found the situation a strange one.
The most celebrated authors of that generation had been "gentlemen"; perhaps the unknown persons who succeeded them had gentlemanly sentiments, but their origin, their appearance, their hair, their intimacy with the stage and the Opera, made any old New York criterion inapplicable to them.
They also promised to reveal secret information and the personal identity of the unknown person who used that account.
Between September 4 last year and April 10 this year a large number of bomb hoax communications were sent by an unknown person to schools and universities in Michigan as well as airlines and airports in the US, said police.
12 (SUNA) - The Security Administration at the National Assemly has categorically denied storming of the parliament by unknown person before Tuesday's session .