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Sardar Mohammed Shamim Khan, 57, said Asif Ali Zardari's speech had incensed him so much that he spontaneously decided to unlace his size 10 leather shoes and hurl them at the bewildered Pakistani leader.
And those ready to take issue can put down that rugby ball, unlace their boxing gloves and listen.
The man gave her a strange glance and began to unlace his boots.
Michele Stanten, fitness editor of Prevention magazine, says, "Don't unlace your walking shoes yet
Then he left, leaving his sparring partners to unlace their boots and give thanks for a painless session.
But while NKE's "dance hall days" may be coming to a close, investors are still not ready to unlace their bullish positions.
ankles, wiggle your toes, unlace your shoes if your feet swell and
The day The Fraud beats Danny Williams is the day I unlace his boots for him and kiss his feet.
She's the ginger-haired, pint-sized, pre-teen at the heart of the tale - and she'll either make you clap your hands together and exclaim 'how delightful', or make you want to sit down, unlace your shoes and tear out your toenails.
The hot springs spilling into the river at about the halfway point gave us a chance to unlace our boots and bathe our feet while we had an odd but not bad picnic lunch of mashed potato burritos, fruit and bottled water provided by the lodge.
is known for dominating the soccer field, but when she unlaces her cleats she escapes to her second passion - paddle boarding.
Playwright David Grimm unlaces corsets and unbuttons breeches in his randy Restoration romp, Measure for Pleasure (at New York's Public Theater; previews begin February 21).