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He nodded toward her [bare] feet and began unlacing his shoes.
She thought they were just friends until, one day, she was unlacing her Roman sandals when Tom tenderly stopped her and, bending down on his knees, slowly untied them.
Now the trembling hands again, the half-opened mouths and the tongues, the clumsy movements don't matter, the unlacing and turning up, nor the extrication from sleeves, nor the perspiration.
At first, he says, "Misha would start doing something like unbuttoning the shirt or unlacing the shoe and forget that he was supposed to arrest the motion.
I must spend up to an hour every day lacing and unlacing gardening boots so, for less than a tenner, they would revolutionise my life.
But when Williams explains that his poetic practice is informed by prosodic adjustments, for example, the transformation of the five-line stanza "My shoes as I lean / unlacing them / stand out upon / flat worsted flowers / under my feet" to a four-line stanza by eliminating the last line ("See how much better it conforms to the page, how much better it looks?
He turned away from the mirror and sat down on the edge of the bathtub, began unlacing his shoes" (248).
It's the unbearable well-thisis-what-they-say-but-we-allknow-better-don't-we-ness that has me unlacing my footwear," wrote Chris in his blog.
In 1912 she steamed for 58 miles at night through icefields to the wreck site after her young wireless operator, Harold Cottam, heard distress calls from the Titanic after keeping his earphones on while unlacing his boots before going to bed.
His loss of two fingers, shot off while fighting the Rebels, seemed in no way to hinder his finesse at unlacing corsets, though true historians have united against his portrayal by the Liverpool actor Jason Isaacs, playing opposite Mel Gibson in the American Film, The Patriot.
In the 19th Century - the age of seemingly high morals and respectability - Valerie Steele, author of The Corset: A Cultural History, suggests the garment and 'the act of lacing and unlacing it was treated as a symbol of sexual intercourse,' both in literature and in humorous prints.
EL SEGUNDO - Canada's Olympic hockey team has scored 10 goals in its four games in Salt Lake City, and one of the top Canadian-born forwards sat in the Kings' dressing room Thursday unlacing his skates.