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Elizabeth's family looked down on working-class Mary and thought that she was encouraging Elizabeth to act in undignified and unladylike ways--walking around on muddy beaches, picking up strange rocks.
An unladylike brawl broke out on Ladies Day at Royal Ascot - but it was the men throwing the punches.
Hence a 10% sales slump and a lot less unladylike wind.
The UK's Daily Mail reports that, when asked which country had the ugliest women in an international poll, "Votes poured in, with people from around the globe eager to point out how overweight, unladylike, and generally foul British women are.
Nancy's mother died when the girl detective was 3, which was convenient because presumably a mother would have discouraged her daughter from rooting around old houses, faithful flashlight in hand as she hunted for hidden staircases and rooms, uncovered dangerous secrets in old clocks, and engaged in all sorts of other potentially hazardous and unladylike undertakings.
Hilton said he had posted the photo to highlight the "very unladylike fashion" in which Cyrus was getting out of the car.
Fancy spending all that money on your outfit, only to ruin the look by acting in such an unladylike manner.
Here, a generation before Darwin will publish The Origin of Species, she takes up the fashionable but decidedly unladylike hobby of fossil hunting.
unladylike activities," said my East Coast friend Lori, 33.
Costumes are always a massive challenge for me because I'm so clumpy and unladylike," laughs the 25-year-old actress.
Indeed, the state became a battleground among different groups of women, as the Ladies National League both criticized pro-Confederate women as unladylike and supported the Union army's exile of them.
As a little girl, she did very unladylike things (for the mid-1920's), like building furniture and dreaming of safari adventures.