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There's even a photo of Quevega rolling over and behaving in a most unladylike fashion, probably because she's just heard Willie Mullins saying the only way she'll have to face Big Buck's is if he gets himself qualified for the Mares' Hurdle.
This is Kat Stephenson's third unladylike adventure and for this feisty 13-year-old, it's business as usual - trying to discover who wants to kill her, protecting her family from harm and saving England from ruin.
When they wore pants--which identified them with stereotypically unladylike jobs in manual labor--they got little respect, not even from women.
Mr Jones and Ms Williams then apparently shared a lift together, in which the Lib Dem leader is said to have used a most unladylike term to describe Mr Davies.
Emily Heller - a San Francisco Bay Area native known for her brainy, sarcastic, unladylike style.
They considered it to be the most unladylike of pursuits and forbade her to continue.
It can't be easy to find the right roles for Yolande Moreau, whose brutishly unladylike features often appear in sharp contrast with the soft-spoken dignity of her characters.
Hence a 10% sales slump and a lot less unladylike wind.
The UK's Daily Mail reports that, when asked which country had the ugliest women in an international poll, "Votes poured in, with people from around the globe eager to point out how overweight, unladylike, and generally foul British women are.
Hilton said he had posted the photo to highlight the "very unladylike fashion" in which Cyrus was getting out of the car.
Fancy spending all that money on your outfit, only to ruin the look by acting in such an unladylike manner.
Here, a generation before Darwin will publish The Origin of Species, she takes up the fashionable but decidedly unladylike hobby of fossil hunting.