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According to the suit, the Gen3 has failed DaimlerChrysler's accidental-release test every time it has been applied: When a 30-millimeter rubber ball, which acts as a proxy for an elbow, is pressed against the buckle, it unlatches.
What is particularly alarming is that, in addition to unlatching during collisions, we have been inundated with reports from people who tell us that the Gen3 seat belt unlatches around child and infant car seats," Edwards added.
Easily remedied with a strip of black electrical tape is the fact that the battery cover unlatches rather easily in normal handling.
The door opens onto a room that is not my own, the window unlatches to display a country that hurts the eyes, this is neither my locale nor my lock, but in this milieu of mischance, suddenly my key turns .
The container unlatches with the touch of a button, and the latches can be padlocked for security.